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UNLEARNING AND RELEARNING - Unlearning is filtering out knowledge or information which is baseless or obsolete in order to prepare the mind to be open to new knowledge. Relearning involves critically analyzing any information before accepting it to be true. UNICUS facilitates these processes through discussion and debate. 
COGNITIVE EXPANSION – This module of UNICUS will focus on enhancing the capacity of the student’s thinking process through different types of practical activities and exercises. Cognitive expansion literally means increasing the strength and functions of the mind through certain approach. An ideal learner should focus on the brain first as it plays the primal role in learning. This module will work on learning aspects, memory and the different techniques to strengthen the mind to work/learn with utmost efficiency. 
COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH - Our course offers facilitation to learn English as a foreign language, taking the student through the smallest of steps of learning a completely new language, encompassing each skill like reading, listening, writing and finally speaking. It will also add to the personality of an individual. 
NUTRITION , EXERCISE AND MEDITATION - Food plays an extremely important role in our daily lives, and having understanding of food, its science and its related knowledge also hold similar importance. What exercises are important for which part of the body or brain, knowing all that can be really helpful? In UNICUS, we believe that student can learn and perform better in the education field and in general daily life, after consuming nutritious and healthy food in right amount and do exercises on regular basis, can enhance the efficiency of learning. Our program will focus on these aspects of the student specifically.
Our extended team of Philosophers, Psychologists, Sociologist, academicians and other observers from different walks of life has crafted and carved this Philosophy of Education and Methodology of Teaching particularly for – 
6th to 12th CLASS : Ages from 12 to 18 are critical for the development of a student’s brain and his/her personality. Thus, any learning at this age is impressionistic and was long lasting effects. Not only that but the human body undergoes many physiological changes and needs. To be understood, loved, supported, given attention, encouraged and accepted. UNICUS will enable the student to understand these physiological and psychological changes so as to fund a balance between them. A mutual communication and attunement between parents and students is required. Through counseling a synergy can be formed. Through our approach of freedom, equality, discussion etc. student will find the fundamental factors for their growth. Therefore, this program will help school going students and those who are aspiring for IIT-JEE/NEET/CA. 

COMPONENTS OF UNICUS : Students who are preparing to participate in competitive exams of various fields will be ideal for UNICUS. Our program will strengthen different aspects of their personality such as, understanding of learning, relationship building, nutrition value etc. Ages beyond 18 are stressful and pivotal because all major life decisions are taken after such age. There is pressure to be righteous, independent and successful. There is a progressive difference in opinion and outlook when an individual becomes an adult. For this reason, they are separated from simple affection and not respected. Parents must be patient and understanding while being involved in the young adult’s life to make him feel secure at home so that he is able to resist harmful peer pressure and form healthy friendships. Counseling can bridge the gap between parents and children to embrace a cooperative attitude. UNICUS can enable them to understand these decisions and take them responsibly by instilling skills to prepare for a stable economic independence and other responsibilities of adulthood. Hence, we have integrated this course for the students who are preparing with us for Civil Services like IAS, PCS, Judiciary and other competitive examination like SSC and Banking. Protection Status